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Mountain Rain or Snow Volunteers Broke Records This Winter

The Mountain Rain or Snow project asks volunteers to track rain, snow, and mixed precipitation all winter long—and this was a winter like no other! This season, 1,684 people submitted precipitation observations—that’s about a third more than last season. These volunteers submitted over 32,110 observations, breaking last year's record by over 10,000.

Some observers excelled by sending in hundreds of observations---Patrick Thorson submitted 676! Nayoung Hur’s observations spanned the largest elevational range, and Lauren H’s came from the highest peak at 11, 993 feet.

Congratulations to Patrick Thorson, Chris Gotschalk, SV, Karen O, Marley Jennings, Mariah Blackhorse, Robert R., Randall Bursk, Bill Locke, Erin Grogan, Lauren H., Craig Hall, and Nayoung Hur for their remarkable contributions. Thank you to all Mountain Rain or Snow observers for keeping your eyes on the sky with us this winter!

The Mountain Rain or Snow project still needs more data to improve weather and water sources forecasting.If you are in the U.S.A. and you are on or near a mountain,  visit www.rainorsnow.org/signup on your phone and select your region to join the project!

### Descriptive 508 Compliant Alt Text: This infographic provides an overview of the 2023-2024 Mountain Rain or Snow observation season. **Left Side: 2023-2024 At a Glance** - Total Observations: 32,110 - Snow: 18,455 - Mix (rain and snow): 3,593 - Rain: 10,062 - There were 1,684 active observers, which is 615 more than last season. - The most observations from a single storm were 2,099 from March 1-3, 2024. - The region that sent the most reports in one day was Sierra Nevada. **Right Side: 2023-2024 Shoutouts** - Top Regions by Reports: 1. Central Basin and Range: 5,517 reports 2. Northeastern Highlands: 4,566 reports 3. Sierra Nevada: 4,402 reports - Leaderboard of Observers: 1. Patrick Thorson, Sierra Nevada: 676 reports 2. Chris Gotschalk, Western Montana: 471 reports 3. SV, The Netherlands: 440 reports 4. Karen O, Rocky Mountains: 388 reports 5. Marley Jennings, Northeast US: 343 reports 6. Mariah Blackhorse, Great Basin: 329 reports 7. Robert R, Sierra Nevada: 284 reports 8. Randall Bursk, Rocky Mountains: 280 reports 9. Bill Locke, Western Montana: 279 reports 10. Erin Grogan, Northeast US: 271 reports - Average Observer across all regions: 19 reports **Elevational Diversity Superstars** - Greatest Variety of Elevations: Craig Hall, Sierra Nevada, submitted from various elevation ranges. - Highest Elevation: Lauren H, Rocky Mountains, at 11,993 ft. - Greatest Range of Elevations: Nayoung Hur, Rocky Mountains, with a range of 8,849 ft between highest and lowest reports.
Mountain Rain or Snow's 2023-2024 winter season at a glance.
Image Credit: Sonia Tonino