NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope #UnfoldTheUniverse Art Challenge

a collage if images of people showing the art they created for #UnfoldTheUniverse
A selection of sample submissions for NASA's #UnfoldTheUniverse art challenge.
Credits: (Top row, L-R): Amelia Cochran, Jaden Berkley, Ella Zhou, Collin Cochran. (Middle, under Jaden Berkley): Jedidiah Dore. (Bottom row, L-R): Mansi Ashtamkar, Sue Reno, Greta Slocum, Ahmad Jabakenji, Gabriel Enache.

NASA’s biggest and most powerful space telescope ever launched on Dec. 25, 2021! The James Webb Space Telescope, or Webb, is orbiting a million miles away and will reveal the universe as never seen before. It will look at the first stars and galaxies, study distant planets around other stars, solve mysteries in our solar system and discover what we can’t even imagine. Its revolutionary technology will be able to look back in time at 13.5 billion years of our cosmic history.

What Is #UnfoldTheUniverse

What do you think we’ll discover when we #UnfoldTheUniverse? Show us what you believe the Webb telescope will reveal by creating art. You can draw, paint, sing, write, dance — the universe is the limit! Share a picture or video of you and your creation with the hashtag #UnfoldTheUniverse for a chance to be featured on NASA’s website and social media channels.

Show us how you believe the Webb telescope will #UnfoldTheUniverse by creating art. Share a picture or video of you and your creation with the hashtag #UnfoldTheUniverse for a chance to be featured on NASA’s website and social media channels. Credits: (Video Credit) - Kellie Gerardi, NASA; (Host and co-host) - Kellie Gerardi, Delta V. Baumruk; (Video Editing) Kellie Gerardi, Madison Dean

How to Participate

  • Use any art supplies you'd like to create art. The art could be a drawing, song, poem, dance or something else! Check out the resources linked below for inspiration.
  • Take a picture of you holding your art, or film a less than one-minute video of you describing or performing your art.
  • Share your photo or video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #UnfoldTheUniverse for a chance to be featured on NASA's website and social media accounts!
  • If your submission catches our eye, we’ll be in touch to obtain permission for it to be considered for NASA digital products.

Deadline for Submissions - ONGOING!  Good news! We will now keep the #UnfoldTheUniverse art challenge open. Keep your submissions coming - we love seeing your creativity!

Gallery of Submissions

This is a slideshow, hover on right and left side of image to reveal arrow buttons to sequence through the slides. Click any thumbnail for larger images and details. You can also view then entire gallery at once on Flickr.

#UnfoldTheUniverse art - by Amy Limon

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