Welcome to the landing page for the ROSES Blog. ROSES is Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science, the big annual omnibus research solicitation for NASA's Science Mission Directorate. Each year ROSES has >100 individual opportunities (called program elements) mostly for federal assistance awards (e.g., grants) each with their own topics, due dates etc. Each year the new ROSES solicitation is released on February 14th (ROSES for Valentine’s day). At that time, many of the program elements are not yet finalized. Later, when we release final text we make an announcement, and sometimes we change points of contact, or make mistakes that must be fixed. Every time we make one of these changes, we update the text of the program element indicating what has changed and we send out an NSPIRES email. Since email is ephemeral, it seemed like a good idea to have a web log of all of the changes to ROSES, so here we are. Each annual ROSES solicitation has its own web log, see below.

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