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An artist’s concept of a landscape, composed of dusky purples, oranges, golds, and greens. In the left foreground, a young woman wearing a white dress basks in the rays of a solar eclipse. She stands under a bright orange fall tree rooted to the side of a rocky mountain trail. The scene overlooks a valley with a river running through the middle towards distant hazy blue mountains. Nocturnal animals – including a fox, owl, possum, and bat – emerge to investigate the sudden onset of night. A deer stands on a grassy knoll at right in front of a line of fall colored trees. The Milky Way trails across the sky, leading up from the young woman to the eclipse and glittering stars at top right. Two hot air balloons float in the distance. This concept was created in celebration of the Heliophysics Big Year, which is bookended by the Annular Eclipse in October of 2023 and the Total Solar Eclipse in April of 2024.

NASA Science Planning Guides

This is a collection of NASA Science Planning Guides in the format of a calendar you download and print.

Earth Day Posters and Virtual Backgrounds

This is a collection of illustrated posters and virtual backgrounds in NASA's annual celebration of Earth Day. 

Science Explorers Poster Series

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Spacecraft Icons

This is a collection of NASA science spacecraft and aircraft. The icons are formatted as transparent PNG files for download.